About Auto Leasing – Car Leasing Staten Island

Auto leasing is rapidly gaining traction as a viable solution to owning a car. Even if you have never leased a car before, you probably have a reasonable idea about the concept of an auto lease. While it seems rather simple on the surface, there are important aspects that need to be considered when leasing a car. An auto lease is basically a form of vehicle or house rent. You gain ownership of a car from the dealership for a pre-determined period of time (usually 2 to 5 years) and return the vehicle on completion. You are required to make a down payment during the signing of your lease and a monthly fee thereafter until the end of the lease period.
The price of the down payment and monthly fee combined reflects the rate of depreciation of the vehicle. if the vehicle is known to depreciate rapidly, it will typically cost you higher than a car that is priced at an equivalent value brand new but depreciates by a smaller value. For this reason, a car lease is considered an excellent way of owning a car.

Benefits of auto leasing

The main advantages of opting for an auto lease are rather apparent. You don’t have to invest as much to own a car that may typically be out of your pay grade. Due to the temporary nature of a lease, you could practically be driving a new car every two years or so. You don’t have to deal with extensive maintenance and repair as you will typically be driving new cars.
Auto leasing is a great way to own a car without too much of a financial commitment

Auto leasing with Car Leasing Staten Island

Leasing your car with Car Leasing Staten Island is a different process altogether. While you’ve heard of the good side of auto leasing above, there are also a few negative aspects. Some customers consider it a waste of money as you invest a considerable amount over a long period of time and have to return your car at the end. In addition, there are certain restrictions and compensation that you may be liable to during the course of your lease term depending on what the leasing service incorporates.
With Car Leasing Staten Island, we ensure that leasing a car will be worth your money because we offer rates that are lower than the industry standard. When you typically sign a lease, you won’t have to only pay for the depreciation value of the car, the company has operating costs and has to turn a profit; this can add a considerable amount to your monthly payment. At Car Leasing Staten Island, we don’t maintain a physical dealership lowering our costs and thus enabling us to offer much lower leasing rates.
If you are interested in leasing a car, why not give us a call to find out more? We have all the popular car manufacturers available for lease and we are certain you will find a car you like at our dealership. Contact us for more information on 718-517-2255 today!