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Mitsubishi Motors is a branch of a group of companies in Japan that has made a significant impact in the country. Mitsubishi has maintained strong traction globally and has now captured reasonable market share in the United States. Mitsubishi models aren’t many but they are quite different to each other and cater to a different market. Their price point focuses on value competing with other leaders in the industry like Toyota and Nissan. If you are interested in a sedan, you can go for the Lancer or the Lancer Evo; despite the similar name, the Lancer Evo is virtually double the price of the former and offers a lot more performance while maintaining a fairly similar appearance.
Mitsubishi has two SUV options; the Outlander and Outlander sport, similar to Lancer, these two models have contrasting specifications and prices although the gap between the price point of an Outlander and Outlander Sport is smaller. If you want an economical car, the Mirage is one of the best you’ll find among any manufacturer in the market. The Mirage is a compact car and can cost you as little as $13,000 in cash. Finally, Mitsubishi has taken its shot with an electric car by offering you the I-MIEV, maintaining the typical compact, mini appearance of an electric car.
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The most distinctive feature of Car Leasing Staten Island is that we are exclusively operational online. This means we have no physical showroom for you to visit. This may confuse you as it doesn’t seem practical considering the nature of our business. However, we feel the concept of a physical lot is redundant and wasteful. Eliminating this has given us the opportunity to significantly lower our initial and running costs which directly benefits our customer. Our auto leasing rates are much lower and cannot be matched by any other dealership in Staten Island. Contact us on 718-517-2255 and get a quote based on your requirement.

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The absence of a physical lot does not make us deficient in any way as we provide all the services that a conventional dealership offers. If you would like to see and experience the car with a test drive, we’d be happy to arrange this at a time of your convenience. We are available for consulting and advice throughout the day at our hotline on 718-517-2255.

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