Hyundai Leasing in Staten Island

Hyundai is in the top 5 auto manufacturers in volume. Starting their operations in Korea, Hyundai came from humble beginnings but continued to grow over the years. After penetrating various markets globally, Hyundai made a strong case in United States and managed to capture significant market share. Today, Hyundai is among the top sellers on the road and are excellent vehicles in terms of value for money, low maintenance costs and reliability. They don’t look half bad either.
Hyundai has a considerable selection to choose from across multiple vehicle types. If you are looking for Hyundai sedans you can choose from the Accent, Azera, Elantra, Equus, Genesis and Sonata (also available as a hybrid). Their hatchback options include the Accent, Elantra GT and Veloster. The Elantra also has a higher performing coupe version. Finally, if you are considering an SUV, you can go for the Santa Fe, Santa Fe Sport or Tucson. While Hyundai offers their vehicles from an economic standpoint, they do have a few models that are relatively higher end in comparison. The Hyundai Equus and Genesis for example start at a significantly higher price point.
To learn more about Hyundai and choosing the right model for your needs, you can speak to one of our car experts by contacting our hotline; 718-517-2255.

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Reselling your Hyundai

Car Leasing Staten Island fully permits the practice of reselling your Hyundai. When you resell your Hyundai, you will need to pay the remaining term of the lease as well as the residual price as you are technically buying it off the leasing company and selling it to another party. Reselling your Hyundai is a great way to get out of a lease early. Some lessees tend to make it a habit as it enabled the possibility of even profiting from the transaction if you get the better end of the deal.
At Car Leasing Staten Island, we will assist you with the process if you are interested in selling your Hyundai. Finding a buyer can take time but with access to our contacts, publicity and network, you should be able to find a buyer at a relatively quicker pace.
Upon confirmation, you have the option of leasing a new vehicle with us. To learn more about how reselling your Hyundai works, contact us on 718-517-2255.

Compare similar options

If you are choosing a Hyundai, you are probably looking for value for money and reliability; these are two strong suits of Hyundai. There are however certain other brands that follow the same philosophy and tend to do reasonably well if you are looking for such a type of vehicle. Examples include Toyota, Nissan and Kia (also owned by Hyundai). At Car Leasing Staten Island, our leasing professionals will be happy to direct you to any alternative vehicle models once you have decided on a certain Hyundai models so that you have a wider reach and can make an educated guess accordingly.
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