Land Rover Leasing in Staten Island

Land Rover has been a house hold name in the 4 wheel drive industry for decades. Land Rover specialized in SUVs that are capable of getting through extremely tough conditions. Land Rovers are slightly higher priced than other SUV options due to the fact that it offers a unique feature set that other SUV brands don’t bring to the table. Land Rovers are built to be versatile; capable of offering a comfortable experience on the road as well as off while maintaining adequate functionality to get through off road conditions.
Much of Land Rover’s research and development specializes in building better mechanics to handle off road terrain. While Land Rovers advisable for people who drive a lot more in and out of the city, their customer base ranges from the casual driver within city limits to the intended market who are constantly on the move across off road regions.
Land Rover has plenty to offer. Their entry level model is the LR2 and the upper end would be the luxury Range Rover. At Car Leasing Staten Island, you can choose from the following models; Discovery Sport SUV, LR2 SUV, LR4 SUV, Range Rover Evoque SUV, Range Rover Sport SUV and Range Rover SUV.

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Online car leasing for your Land Rover

You may not be excited about the prospect of an online leasing company but maintaining an auto leasing service online means plenty of perks on the part of the customer. In terms of convenience, you can choose your favorite Land Rover, send in your papers and fill up forms all online. Your lease can be remotely approved and we will deliver the car to you. This has got to be the easiest way to lease a car! If you want to test drive your Land Rover first, we’d be happy to arrange a test drive at a time of your convenience.
Apart from convenience, the real kicker with online leasing is the significantly reduced expenditure on your monthly lease. With a typical leasing company, your monthly lease price and down payment will also include the purchase and operating costs of the physical car dealerships space. At Car Leasing Staten Island, this large chunk of funds is no longer applicable. This means you get a deal you can’t refuse when you lease your Land Rover with Car Leasing Staten Island.

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What are you waiting for? Navigate to the Land Rover model of your choice and send in your leasing papers. We do recommend having a chat with us prior to that as we may be able to shed light on certain factors that you may have overlooked. Our sales team is available for any advice you might need pertaining to your Land Rover lease. You also have the option of seeking alternative options if you wish. Contact us today on 718-517-2255.