Infiniti Leasing in Staten Island

Infiniti represents one of the three luxury Japanese vehicle brands alongside Lexus and Acura. All brands have their merits and do a great job of directly competing with European brands such as Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz. Of the three Japanese luxury brands, Infiniti tends to hold the most exclusivity so if you are looking for a more unique option; an Infiniti is an excellent choice. This may be attributed to the fact that Infiniti concentrate their efforts on a select few models in comparison to its counterparts.
Nevertheless, Infiniti has over a dozen models to select from including hatchbacks and SUVs. Infiniti’s popularity surged after completely revamping their design and style of vehicles a few years ago. Since then, Infiniti has maintained a strong positive reputation as a luxury brand in the US market. Infiniti’s models include the Q30 Hatchback, Q40 Sedan, Q50 Hybrid, Q50 Sedan, Q60 Convertible, Q60 Coupe, Q70 Hybrid, Q70 Sedan, QX30 SUV, QX50 SUV, QX60 Hybrid, QX60 SUV, QX70 SUV and QX80 SUV.
At Car Leasing Staten Island, we have all these models available along with trim packages and custom modifications if required. Get in touch with one of our vehicle experts for a full summary and review of any Infiniti model you may be interested in. Our car leasing experts can be reached at 718-517-2255.

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Impermanent leasing structure

Of course, no leasing contract is permanent. However, with Car Leasing Staten Island, you also have the liberty of getting out of your lease during the contract period. While most auto leasing companies prevent this practice by imposing heavy fees or preventing lease transfers; at Car Leasing Staten Island, we like to keep our customers’ options open. We are happy to offer a number of ways to opt out of a lease including a trade-in, lease transfer, reselling of your car simply terminating your lease.
The last option may seem like a bad idea if you have been working with a different leasing company considering the heavy penalties that follow early lease termination. With Car Leasing Staten Island however, the process is a lot simpler and it won’t cost you as much. While it may not seem feasible to be this generous with our early termination policies; we are able to do so because despite these offerings, our rate of early termination is quite low. This is because our leasing professionals take our customers through a rigorous education process of their new car prior to signing the lease so that they know their vehicle inside out before owning it and are confident that they will hold their end of the bargain.
For the customer who has no choice due to unexpected occurrences in the future, we are happy to offer an early termination at a manageable price.
For further information on our leasing policies or leasing a new Inifiniti car, contact us on 718-517-2255.