Lincoln Leasing in Staten Island

Lincoln is Ford’s infusion with luxury. While Ford does have a few models that are considered in the luxury market, Lincoln takes it to the next level. Lincoln is not just a luxury vehicle; it is also a very pronounced status symbol. While there may be more expensive vehicles from other manufacturers on the roads of Staten Island, Lincoln cars tend to have a unique allure to it that associates the car with a higher social status.
Lincoln’s foundation has been built off the research and engineering of Ford which alone can vouch for the quality of Lincoln vehicles. Lincoln cars are spacious and built for comfort. If you are interested in leasing a Lincoln, Car Leasing Staten Island offers the best leasing prices for the brand in Staten Island. We have 8 Lincoln models to choose from; our sedans include the Continental, MKS and MKZ (available as a hybrid as well), if you prefer the bigger SUV form, you can opt for the MKC, MKX, and Navigator and finally they also have a wagon under the MKT name. Contact us and find out more about what options you can include with your Lincoln on 718-517-2255.

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Transferring your Lincoln lease

Lincoln makes some great vehicles but down the line, you may be inclined to get out of your lease for a number of reasons. Traditional auto leasing relationships don’t allow much choice to exit a lease earlier unless the lessee compensates by paying a hefty sum. There is also the other option of transferring your lease to another party. Most auto leasing companies allow this procedure with a few prohibiting it but even with this option available, it is not a surefire solution as transferring a lease can be an arduous process of finding a willing lessee. Lincoln vehicles are quite exclusive and cater to a relatively smaller market so it can take time, time you might not have.
With Car Leasing Staten Island, we offer our entire company’s connections and support to quickly find a suitable lessee to transfer your lease to. Transferring a lease has never been easier as you don’t have to undertake the responsibility of finding a relevant third party. To learn more about how we can assist you with transferring your auto lease, contact us on 718-517-2255.

Lease your Lincoln today

Working with Car Leasing Staten Island is a breeze, our web based leasing service is designed to get the job done in as little time as possible considering a process that usually takes several days or weeks to realize. You can choose your vehicle and submit your paperwork online without the hassle of visiting any physical dealership location. Another value addition we offer our customers is free delivery. Once your lease is approved, your Lincoln will be brought to you at no additional cost! Contact us on 718-517-2255 today.