Lease transfers in Staten Island

One aspect that the auto leasing industry is still making maximum use of is lease transfers. At Car Leasing Staten Island, we believe that the potential benefit of lease transfers is yet to be capitalized on. Lease transferring as the name suggests, is the process of transferring the remainder of a lease to another lessee. If you a lessee is facing a situation where he wants to get out of a lease (either due to financial reasons, distaste or other factors), he can simply transfer it to another willing to assume responsibility of the lease.
Most auto leasing companies tend to allow this but there are some caveats that come with this process. Some car leasing agencies simply do not allow it while some of them will list you as a secondary contact responsible. The latter will only be an issue if the lease is transferred to a stranger or individual you cannot trust. Another restriction that a company may impose is a relatively high fee to complete the process. Despite this, many people opt for a lease transfer because it is the best option to get out of a lease as simply discontinuing a lease is either against the contract or will cost a very hefty sum. Another problem with lease transfers is the time it takes to realize. If you drive a popular, economical mainstream model like a Honda Civic or Toyota Prius, you may be in luck, but sometimes it may take a while to find a suitable lessee to undertake the remainder of your lease.

How we handle lease transfers

We highly recommend lease transfers as it provides plenty of upside for both the existing and new lessee and does not affect the company very much accept for a little effort processing the transfer where a reasonable fee is justified. At Car Leasing Staten Island, we offer our full support to lessees intending to transfer their lease by promoting the availability of the vehicle to our network and customer.
It is important that the receiving lessee should make an adequate inspection to ensure that he won’t be liable to any damages that the original lessee has made. At Car Leasing Staten Island, we do not impose a heavy fee on lease transfers, nor do we hold the initial lessee responsible once the transaction has taken place as it is an inconvenience to our customer and a responsibility they shouldn’t have to take. To find out more about how we handle lease transfers, you can contact us on 718-517-2255.

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Lease transfers aren’t the only process we assist our customers with. We also offer complementary consulting on choosing your car and assistance with car financing among other value additions. Get in touch with us on 718-517-2255 to find out more about our car leasing company.